Small Caps Weekly Watchlist for 07/21/14

Small Caps Weekly Watchlist: SSRI, ARIA, RSH, NBIX, FNMA

Silver Standard Resources Inc. (SSRI)


SSRI seems to “bounce off the 20 day moving average.” In recent history, it went from about $6.50 to about $12.20 (+87%) December 2013- March 2014. Its showed a similar pattern again this past week.


Silver is moving again. Looking at this as a sympathy play. A high quality silver company that is also worth a look is SLW.

SSRI 20dma bounce_day_14.07.20


Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARIA)


ARIA in oversold territory and hatred from traders is the reason its on my radar again. Chart has broken support, but looking primed for an oversold bounce.


Iclusig possibilities still exists. Approval? …But I’ve revenge traded (and lost) on this enough that I’m just a spectator. Something tells me that when enough traders (like myself) gives up on this, and the sentiment becomes so bad, the stock will finally shoot up.

ARIA Oversold bounce day_14.07.20


RadioShack Corp. (RSH)


RSH is near oversold RSI 38, and it has high short float of 28%. It looks to be consolidating and forming a base.


Oversold, high short float, if RSH has some decent earnings, it just may surprise to the upside. Looking intently because earnings release is tomorrow (07/21/14).

RSH Oversold Earnings day_14.07.20

Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NBIX)


Looking at NBIX purely from a technical point of view. With earnings release tomorrow, it could fill the gap down to $12ish or move up to $16ish. It just had a bullish engulfing candle on Friday.

NBIX Bullish Engulfing day_14.07.20


Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)


FNMA bounces off two moving averages: 150 day (30 week) and the 50 day (10 week). The “bounce” was around $4ish, but I’m playing it safe so I waited until FNMA had a new 20 day high. I’m done with picking bottoms, I’ll go for the new highs concept, that seems to work better for me.


This pick is actually from HereitFirst an up and coming (mostly) small caps/penny stocks website. I’ve been following them for a while now, Mitchell Fung (the main trader) is building up a solid track record. Definitely worth a look. The gist of  the article is that FNMA doesn’t owe the government that much anymore and the bail out is working out.

FNMA 30wk bounce_14.07.20

Weekly Watchlist for 07/14/14


Arch Coal Inc. (ACI)


ACI put in a higher low based on the daily and weekly chart. A clearly defined double bottom.

Recent Lows:

6/4/14 – $3.15

7/10/14 – $3.16

7/11/14 – $3.17


PENNY higher. I believe this is area of support and we are at the bottom.


Coal is not going away any time soon. It’s not a matter of IF ACI will go up, but WHEN.

ACI Double Bottom wk_14.07.12


Rubicon Minerals Corporation (RBY)


RBY completed a bullish engulfing candle on Friday (7/11/14). It is in the middle of an uptrending channel and breaking out to fresh 20 day highs. RBY completed a golden cross (7/9/14). Gold stocks looks ready to move. SAND is also worth a look for a gold play.


RBY has no debt. I’ve been eyeing this stock for a while. Check out this “intensive insider buying” article by a legit Seeking Alpha author that I follow.

RBY Uptrend day_14.07.12


Potbelly Corporation (PBPB)


I’m looking at this just from the technical. The fundamentals (revenues and earnings expected to miss expectations) is uninspiring. PBPB has lost a lot of weight lately, down 50% YTD. I’ve been looking at an IPO setup that I noticed. Checkout PSXP, VRNS, VJET (tried it out on VJET, and it worked!)They spiked at the IPO, go down dramatically, consolidate, and break out to the upside. I think PBPB is setting up in a similar way. A bullish engulfing candle on Friday.

PBPB Bounce day_14.07.12


Sterling Construction Co. Inc. (STRL)


STRL has been channeling up since mid May. It’s currently at support.


Usually, I’m more into technical, but impressive earnings in mid May. Check out this link

“Gross profit during the quarter was $7.9 million, up an impressive 468%

“As of Mar 31, 2014, total backlog was a record $799 million, up 16.3% sequentially 15.3% year over year increase

STRL Uptrend day_14.07.12


These last two were not my ideas, but I’ve played them  based on a newsletter advisory. Worked out quite well.

Glu Mobile, Inc. (GLUU)


GLUU has been on a tear lately. But this it is now above the channel that I based buying it on. Still holding some, but took some profits and waiting for it to come back to the channel. RSI = 80 (Overbought), 34% above 20dma. Quite extended now.


Two words: Kim Kardashian.  Two more words: Dino Hunter.

GLUU has several blockbuster hit games on the hot mobile sector. Enough said=)

GLUU Channel Up day_14.07.12


Summer Infant, Inc. (SUMR)


I usually don’t look for “bull flags” but this looks to be one of those setups. To think of it another way, SUMR “bounces of the 50dma.


SUMR products were featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show, big catalyst . As a “real world” example, one of the SUMR products is number five on the Amazon bestsellers in the baby category as of 07/12/14.

SUMR Bull Flag Day_14.07.12 SUMR AMZN Best Sellers


Microcap Millionaires Review: The Busy Person’s Newsletter

Microcap Millionaires is the stock picking newsletter by Matt Morris. The service touts that it could make you lots of money with penny stocks and microcap stocks. Matt sends real time alerts via email 2-3 times per week focusing on penny stocks/small caps. He has an excellent track record (Saw a screenshot of 300%+ in eight months for 2013). He trades his recommendations, so he has skin in the game.



+ Lots of research goes behind the trades: SEC filings, news, charts, etc. Matt does all the heavy lifting and his subscribers benefit.
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+ Responsive and real customer service, this is not a scam but a real trader.
+ You are trading alongside a great trader as part of the MM’er Family



- Once in a while, some picks are less liquid.

-  He already has a lot of educational materials for members, but it wouldn’t hurt to learn more about the methods.

- I’d like to see more blog articles, especially since he offers a lot of value.



What Happened in Real Life?
I didn’t intend to subscribe, I was just there for the 3 Free Penny Stock Strategies freebie. I tried one and it actually worked…quite profitably. I was like, this is legit! I gave the newsletter a try and I’m very pleased with the results.



- The newsletter trading style is great for people with little time and small trading capital.

- Real time buy and sell alerts with specific price ranges.
- Microcap Millionaires is $97/month. Make sure to attend webinars whenever he offers it.

If you are interested, check out the Microcap Millionaires link here


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The “Rugged iPad” No One is Talking About is Setting Up

There have been plenty of buzz lately about the iPhone 6 and related stocks such as GTAT and MU. The one stock no one seems to be talking about is Xplore Technologies Corp. (XPLR). They are known for the RangerX Pro (a “rugged tablet”).

Technical: The weekly wedge has been setting up since early November 2013.

XPLR Wedge Wk_14.06.30


Fundamental: Strong outlook with new products, see the quote from the CEO

“The strong execution of our plan to significantly grow our addressable markets through the release of new products and to broaden awareness of our offering through greater marketing and sales activities resulted in record revenue and year-over-year growth for our company,”


Disclosure: No position. Nothing on this site should be taken as advise to buy and/or sell any securities. Please do your own due diligence.

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